The Rolling Mill Cylinder has been carefully studied to guarantee a perfect lamination and a high quality level of the product.
Like all the machines produced, it is synonymous with quality and high performance.
The constructive simplicity and the careful design mean that the cylinder is a guarantee of a long operating life and reduced maintenance.
The Rolling Mill Cylinder complies with the EU Directives on hygiene and safety.
The Forming Cylinder has reduced dimensions, a high build quality and simplicity of use.
They make the forming cylinder to satisfy all the needs of each individual customer and product.
The machine is composed of:
- From a molding machine, at the top, to produce wrapped bread and loaves with dough from the most delicate to the most consistent.
- From a cylinder, in the lower part, which guarantees a perfect rolling of the dough.
Like all the machines produced, the forming cylinder is always in line with the health and safety and labor safety standards.


7,011.00‎€ VAT (just Italy): 1,542.42‎€


12,205.00‎€ VAT (just Italy): 2,685.10‎€