Product Code: APN0009
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Weight: 215.00kg

Price: 5,710.00‎€
VAT (just Italy): 1,256.20‎€

The machine uses a MAN-MACHINE dialogue display, which includes various functions such as:
- Alarm signals
- Machine speed (variable from 50 to 100%)
- Display of the lamination thickness
- Display of the finished product length.
Its particularly attractive design makes this piece a style reference for future production.
The machine can be closed when in the rest position, becoming slightly less bulky and giving a limited visual impact.

Rollers of extremely hard, non-stick acetal resin, perfect for intensive use and for laminating even very hard dough.
This resin is non-toxic and certified for food use.
Non-stick plastic (ARNITE) scrapers, easily removable for daily cleaning without needing tools.
Synthetic winding conveyors for food use, compliant with European and American standards, fitted on extractable frames that can be easily dismantled even by non-expert staff.
STAINLESS steel machine.
All the parts that come into contact with the product are non-toxic.

Thanks to the front controls, the machine can be placed alongside other machines or against walls.
Do not position beside ovens.
This machine was designed to make cleaning easier.
Both the conveyors and the three roller gaps are adjustable.

Roller diameter 80mm
Winding conveyor thickness 5/6mm
Mixed belt-chain conveyor pulling 0.75 kW motor.
Voltage: 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T

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