Is an ideal counter-top unit for any gelato shop, pastry or bar that’s seeking the aesthetic effect and the distinctive fragrance of a chocolate fountain, combined with the practicality and convenience of a high quality model. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the stylistic choices of the locales they frequent, and tend to evaluate them based on perceived innovations and novelties. The chocolate fountain has been introduced as a novelty into numerous Italian gelato shops, bars and restaurants, all of which have been extremely happy with the results. This model is extremely safe and durable, thanks also to its stainless steel body. It features two interior motors for controlling the mixer and the auger, and comes with all the components necessary to allow it to function effortlessly and in continuation, even for extended periods of time. The unit’s night mode can be activated with the simple press of a button. When pressed, the machine reverses the auger motor’s director of rotation in order to draw all the chocolate back into the basin, thereby also facilitating the motor’s reactivation the following morning. The type and colour of the chocolate can be changed thanks to the removable stainless steel auger.


3,520.00‎€ VAT (just Italy): 774.40‎€