These Chillers have been specifically designed for the correct conservation of chocolate. An advanced electronic control system allows the regulation of temperature and low humidity. A temperature of 12 ° C / 18 ° C with a maximum humidity of 40% -60%.
They are the optimal values for a correct conservation of your creations, avoiding the flowering of sugars and fats on the surface that would cause a loss of quality and taste. Refrigerated cabinets create the perfect environment for storing your chocolate, constantly managing humidity and temperature. If these values are not managed correctly, the formation of condensation on the chocolate can cause the sugar to appear on the surface. When the moisture evaporats the sugar crystallizes, making the surface of the chocolate rough and uneven.
The range includes:
- Refrigerator cabinet for chocolate with 8 - 20 - 40 trays 40x60.
- You can also have a glass door to view your creations.