Porous, rough, uniform, these are the qualities of a perfect fresh pasta. And how to make it flawlessly? Of course with our fresh pasta equipment that allows you to aim for excellence. 

In every pasta factory there is no lack of machinery that satisfies in the smallest detail the needs of every customer. Moreover, in order to perfectly make every type of pasta, using different raw materials and creative fillings, it needs to be preserved as required by the rules of hygiene and food safety.

For this reason you should rely on Bakeit, the leading company in the sale of pasta equipment designed and produced in Italy. Together we will also carefully organize the arrangement of your fresh pasta laboratory so that you can work safely, while using as little time as possible in the realization of your fresh pasta.

The Made in Italy quality that we offer in the choice of fresh pasta equipment is the same that we guarantee when it comes to bakery equipment and pastry equipment

Which fresh pasta maker machines are needed?

To set up a laboratory there are fresh pasta maker machines that you can’t do without. 

  1. The planetary mixer , the ideal fresh pasta equipment for medium and large productions. The mixer is what you need before the dough is extruded or sheeted. 
  2. The extruder machine for fresh pasta allows to obtain a uniform dough without manual processing. With the drawing system and the cutting knife you can produce all kinds of pasta such as fusilli, penne, spaghetti and macaroni.
  3. The dough sheeter machine  is a professional fresh pasta machine that serves when production concerns different types of pasta such as fettuccine, lasagne and pappardelle.
  4. The refrigerated cabinets keep at the correct temperature all your production of fresh pasta and stuffed pasta. 
  5. The fresh pasta dryer is used to remove excess moisture from the dough, in order to obtain a finished product suitable for packaging and with a longer shelf-life.