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P50 is an automatic and very reliable machine, fit to carry out pasta production by using any kind of flour and durum wheat (semolina). It is suitable for all kinds of short and long pasta production. Its operation is simple and efficient; its external structure is made of anodized aluminium and the parts that are in contact with pasta are made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a control panel and it respects all accident prevention regulations in force.

Kneading vat.
Shaft and screw which can be disassembled for an easy cleaning and maintenance.
Automatic pasta cutter with speed variator.
Water cooling for extruding head and die.

Weight KG: 208 Kg
Dimensions mm (AxBxC): 650x1230x1770
Motor power 3 three-phase phase motors:
Motor 1 W: 1800
Motor 2 W: 900
Motor 3 W: 900
Kneading vat capacity Kg: 14
Pasta production KG/H: 50



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