Ice cream equipment can vary depending on the needs and size of the business. There are essential tools for artisan ice cream shops and for those that have a massive production that need to be taken with care. 

Made in Italy is not only demonstrated with ice cream, but also with the choice of machinery designed down to the smallest detail, synonymous of the highest quality. The right equipment allows you to work quickly and with greater efficiency by reducing the production time, resulting in a better and more homogeneous ice cream.

When it comes to industrial ice cream equipment, for example, the constant temperature prevents the formation of ice crystals and preserves the freshness of the product. 

Having a well organized workshop in terms of spaces and equipment also gives a simpler working mode and higher production, together with a maximum level of safety for operators. 

What equipment do you need in an ice cream shop?

Pieces of fruit, chocolate chips and other delicacies to combine with the creaminess of an ice cream prepared with the highest quality raw materials? Here’s what you need to make this happen. 

Opting for first choice ice cream equipment means betting everything on the taste. The ice cream combines adults and children and, made to perfection, allows you to have a loyal customer base.

Choosing our industrial ice cream equipment also means having a finished product that lasts longer without losing the typical characteristics of a good ice cream, that is: taste, creaminess and color. 


  1. The gelataio machine is essential for the production of fresh, artisanal and high quality ice cream. There are different sizes of ice cream batches, which can be chosen according to the desired production capacity. 
  2. The refrigerated ice cream cabinet, this ice cream shop equipment is necessary to store ingredients such as milk, cream and fruit at the correct temperature.
  3. The ice cream pasteurizers are ice cream machines needed to pasteurize milk and cream in order to be the perfect basis of a quality ice cream.  
  4. Professional blast chiller, thanks to which you can lower the temperature of freshly prepared ice cream.
  5. The whipped cream machine is a useful ice cream equipment, ideal to dispense whipped cream that remains fresh and at the right consistency. 
  6. The soft ice cream machine has a special pump system that allows you to donate the softness characteristic of this type of ice cream. 
  7. The frozen yogurt dispensers are used to dispense frozen yogurt and soft ice cream and in our catalog you can find them in different models and sizes. 
  8. The cold creams and sorbets dispensers are perfect for dispensing and maintaining sorbets and cold creams. 
  9. Our slush machines differ in size and capacity of the tanks.