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The vertical batch freezers have been specifically designed for the easy production of quality ice cream to suit the most common pan sizes. Extremely reliable and easy to maintain. These machines are conceived both for the experienced gelato master, who will appreciate the superior quality of their products in terms of consistency and texture, as well as for the beginner who has just started approaching the world of gelato and who will love their

Very simple and reliable machines with electromechanical control.
Large capacity vertical freezing cylinder.
Freezing cycle with time selection and end of cycle acoustic signal.
2 freezing speeds.
2 extraction speeds.
Freezing cylinder cooling system both on the walls and on the bottom of the tank for an optimal consistency of the ice cream.
Stainless steel stirrer, completely removable, with movable scraping skids in plastic material that work both on the walls and on the bottom of the cylinder.
Removable hatch with built-in safety grid that allows a practical and complete cleaning; its design allows the operator to present the ice cream in tubs according to the most modern decorations.
Large extraction hole for rapid product release; placing the tray directly under the hole prevents the ice cream from coming into contact with other surfaces during extraction. The ice cream remains particularly dry.
Transparent lid that allows you to check the product during freezing.

Power supply: Three-phase
Condensation: Water/Air
Production per cycle: 30 Kg
Typology: Floor standing
Load per cycle: 6,5 Kg

Voltage: 400V / 50Hz / 3 + N
Electric power: 3,4 kW
Width: 40,5 cm
Height: 108 cm
Depth: 79 cm
Net weight: 138 kg

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