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The pasteurizers have been specifi cally designed for those who need an easy and essential, professional equipment for the mix treatment, with the best quality/price relation. Extremely reliable, these machines exploit the bain-marie system, maintaining the natural characteristics of the product.

Two automatic work cycles (65 ° and 85 ° C) and one semi-automatic with temperature regulation (up to 90 ° C) and pause times (up to 10h). At the end of the cycle, storage at 4 ° C is automatic.
Automatic calculation of dwell times according to the programmed T ° with the possibility of adjusting up to 10 hours.
Semi-automatic cooling / storage cycle at 4 ° C.
Display of the time from the start of storage at 4 ° C.
Treatment of mixtures with a glycol bain-marie system, which allows the T ° to be set up to 90 ° C without altering the organoleptic characteristics of the product.
Fully removable monobloc tank and stirrer with quick coupling in stainless steel.
Drain cock with independent washing system after each mixture withdrawal.
Distance from the ground of the tap such as to allow the use of high capacity containers.
Precision control of the T ° in the tank by means of a probe in direct contact with the product.
Automatic restart of the cycle in case of power failure.
The IES electronics eliminates the phenomenon of thermal inertia through a patented system that allows you to work with extreme precision at the desired temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Power supply: Three-phase
Condensation: Water
Production per cycle: 30 Kg
Typology: Floor standing
Load per cycle: 15-30 Kg
De-icing function: Automatic

Voltage: 400V / 50Hz / 3 + N
Electric power: 7,2 kW
Width: 40 cm
Height: 108 cm
Depth: 90+15 cm
Net weight: 200 kg

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