The dough retardere and the fermabiga cabinets are professional equipment useful for the preservation of leavened products and their flavors. These machines block the leavening of the dough by slowing down the fermentation activity of the yeast.

These professional fermentation cells keep the dough up to a maximum of 72 hours, and finally start the fermentation phase automatically at the time set by the program. 

When it comes to bread and leavened products, thanks to the highest technology, you can have a machine that manages with the highest precision delicate processes such as: l, commercial retarder d proofer cabinets and retarder proofer tables designed and assembled in Italy. 

Here are some FAQs about these products that can be useful for professional bakery laboratories. 


What are the advantages of dough retarder proofer?

The retarder proofer cell eliminates the manual night work because the baker kneads and prepares the various types of bread/ raw dough during the day and then the machine does the rest. The control panel provides complete control, ensuring the 100% automatic management of the dough proofing cycle. 


What is controlled proofing for?

Proofing, or controlled proofing, is a technique used in the preparation of dough for baked goods such as bread, pizza and focaccia. It consists in making the dough rise in a controlled way, maintaining a constant and controlled temperature for a specific period of time. The use of this process, to be carried out through a  retarder proofer cabinet or the homonymous cell, allows to develop gluten and improve the taste and texture of the finished product. 


What is the difference between retarder proofing and fermabiga? 

Cabinets, tables and retarder proofing cells have the following controls and therefore allow you to monitor parameters such as:

  • Temperature control in hot;
  • Temperature control in cold; 
  • Humidity control.

More specifically, the proofing retarder can be used through an automatic program by setting all the steps of the recipe or through a manual program. In most cases, the retarder proofing is chosen when it is necessary to block the leavening of already formed raw baked goods such as loaves, croissants and large leavened products. 


The fermabiga, or leaving control cells, however, have the following controls on the bakery:

  • Temperature control in hot;
  • Temperature control in cold.

Even the leaving control can be managed with automatic or manual programming.

Choose the fermabiga cabinets and the fermabiga tables if you need to block the leavening of your raw dough or if you need to slow the leavening of the pizza dough. The pizza dough, if closed in their own boxes, will work with the humidity of the pizza ball itself, creating an ideal microclimate.