Bakeries: how to bake loaves while preserving the product

The baking loaders with canvas are the ideal tool for bakers and pizza makers who have to bake large quantities of product quickly, while preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the dough and the various ingredients. Using a professional deck oven loader also minimizes heat losses due to the numerous batches. 

The aluminum bakery loader of the right size allows you to reduce energy costs because with the use of professional baking accessories you can minimize the opening of the oven. 


Bread oven loaders: the supplied accessories and dimensions

Choosing the Bakeit bakery oven loaders, made in Italy, you also have spare canvas in cotton, a material suitable for use in the food industry. In our catalog you can find baking loaders with top or bottom hooks. The standard width is 570/580 mm and the total length starts from 1200 mm up to 4700 mm.

Upon request, we can manufacture custom and non-standard frame sizes. 


Elevator rack for loaders with runners

Bakeit levator racks for loaders with runners is a useful tool for professional bakers who produce large quantities of bread with deck ovens. This type of loader is designed to carry and lift a lot of bread while keeping the laboratory always tidy and functional. 


Structure of the elevator rack for loaders

The mechanical spring-loaded oven loader consists of a sturdy painted steel structure and a spring-driven lifting mechanism. The forklift of the Bakeit range is equipped with a handle to facilitate transport and consists of wheels to facilitate the movement of the loader inside the oven or bakery laboratory.

It can hold a large amount of loaves, depending on size and capacity. The bread pans are unloaded onto the loader and this is lifted using the spring mechanism. Once lifted, the loader can be moved inside the oven for the baking of the bread.

If what you want for your bread production is practicality, this is the solution that best suits your laboratory. The mechanical spring-loaded bread oven loader makes it easy to transport numerous bread shapes inside the oven, without having to move them manually, ensuring a uniform and high quality cooking.


Baking tray racks for oven loaders

Bakeit oven loaders for bakeries allow you to safely move the baking loaders across your bakery. The baking tray racks for oven loaders can have the shelves you want and different widths in order to fully meet your needs. Its central shelf has 2 shelves where you can place the loader with the bread and carry out the different processes before moving on to the cooking phase.