What are the dimensions of our bakery trays?

Bakeit professional baking trays are available in different shapes and sizes. The most requested are: 40x60,50x70,60x80, 80x80 and 80x100 cm. The baking pans for bakeries are designed with low or high edges according to the needs of the baker who uses it. In addition, some professional bakery trays are equipped with non-stick coatings (green teflon) to facilitate cleaning and prevent dough and food sticking to the pan. Other products are micro-perforated to facilitate cooking in ventilated and rotary ovens.

If you are looking to buy aluminum bakery trays, you should consider your type of production and the type of food you are cooking. For example, if you are baking bread, you may need to buy professional non-stick aluminum baking pans; if your production instead needs pizza equipment because you propose focaccia, pinsas and pizzas, we recommend the use of aluminized steel.


Professional aluminium baking molds for Pandoro

Is it time to bake the typical Christmas cakes with long leaven like the pandoro? Bakeit has a catalog of resistant baking molds for Pandoro, made of aluminum.


How to choose the right baking mold?


Professional pandoro baking molds are generally made of anodized aluminum. This is a material with excellent heat conductivity, lightweight, rather economical and with a long service life.



Traditional Pandoros are generally star-shaped and can have different sizes. However, Bakeit professional pandoro molds are available in different sizes depending on the required grammage. In the catalogue we have the following: 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 gr.



The non-stick green teflon coating can facilitate the removal of pandoro from the mold and speed up all the stages of cooking and preparation, saying goodbye to sprays or butter. 


Aluminum basin mold for Pan carrè or sandwich bread

Bakeit baking mold for pan carrè, as the accessories for bakery laboratories, are made of aluminized steel and have a rectangular shape with a height ranging from 10-15 cm. The width and length of the basin can be different, but they are generally between 20 and 50 cm in order to offer your customers the most suitable sizes. 

As for the other bakery trays and baking molds, also the professional basins for Pan carrè are non-stick and allow you to remove the bread once cooked with great ease thanks to the green teflon.


What dough can be baked in our professional baking molds?

The aluminium baking pans for the pan carrè can be used to bake white, wholemeal bread, with seeds or other ingredients, depending on your preferences and the production you need to follow. The bread cooks evenly inside the basin, forming a golden and crunchy crust on top.

After baking, thanks to its rectangular shape and smooth surface, the bread can be easily removed from the bakery tray.