Pastry baking supplies 

We offer made in Italy pastry equipment in compliance with the main rules on food treatment and hygiene. Our know-how allows us to advise you not only on the most appropriate pastry machine for the amount of brioches, pastries and cakes that you produce but also considers in detail what are the ingredients and raw materials that make up your delicacies. In addition, we guarantee the same professionalism also in terms of pizza equipment and bakery equipment.

By choosing the right ingredients for first choice pastry and combining flair, meticulous study of the recipe and technical skills with the best pastry appliances made in Italy, help you get results that satisfy the palates of customers who sit at the tables of your bakery. 


What professional equipment do you need to open a pastry shop?

Are you sure you have everything you need to create colorful cakes and soft leavened dough? Below are the main professional pastry supplies you need for: kneading, sheeting and baking. 

  1. Professional oven for pastry is the beating heart of your business. Whether you want an electric, gas or diesel bakery oven, Bakeit points you to the right product
  1. The diving arm mixer produces soft and silky dough, oxygenating and mixing them perfectly. The movement of the two tools (pallet and fork) combined with the movement of the tank, replicates exactly a mixture kneaded by hand.
  1. The sturdy stainless steel mechanical arm mounted on the professional planetary mixer, carries out two simultaneous rotational movements: on its axis and around the center of the tank, thus working evenly all the dough. This pastry machine includes: whip, spatula and spiral.
  1. Pastry dough sheeter plays a fundamental role in your laboratory, because it allows the dough to be rolled in order to guarantee the unique thickness of the dough.
  1. With the professional cream cooker you can prepare creams, ganache and jams cooked at the appropriate temperature, which guarantees an enviable texture, perfect to insert in your croissants or for frozen desserts and cakes.
  1. Professional cylinder refiner works best with dried fruit, sugar and chocolate thanks to cylinders in porphyry conglomerate. 
  1. The croissant group prepares everything you need so that you only have to bake your croissants and then propose it to customers.
  1. The pastry electric fryer is useful in case of preparations such as fritters, Sicilian cannoli and much more. The constant temperature of this pastry equipment makes you achieve a flawless result.
  1. Press for butter and pasta is one of the best professional baking supplies with which you can get homogeneous plates of butter or dough.
  1. The spraying gelatin machine is what you need to have mirrored cakes and homogeneous icing.