Pizza supply store made in Italy

Whether it is a Neapolitan pizza oven, or a kneader for high hydration dough, our staff recommends you the best. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the sector we want to offer you the best ovens and utensils for your daily work, we are sure that you will provide the best pizzas in the city.

Known and appreciated all over the world, pizza is a real Italian culinary icon and is one of the most loved and consumed dishes both nationally and internationally. Characterized by a light and soft dough, seasoned with fresh and genuine ingredients, the pizza, to be kneaded, stuffed and cooked to perfection must follow precise stages of production as well as be cooked at the right temperature. 


What equipment do I need for a pizzeria?

In Italy, pizza is a dish that combines people and culinary traditions of different regions. Each location has its own special pizza, each of them are different and characterized by unique ingredients and preparation methods.

Italian pizza, therefore, is a real excellence of the territory and represents a culinary heritage that must be protected and enhanced. Are you looking for the necessary pizzeria equipment to be placed in the kitchen to further improve the outcome of your pizza?


That’s what you need:

  1. Spiral mixer: While the tank rotates on itself, a sturdy stainless steel spiral-shaped mechanical arm rotates on its own axis and at the right angle, mixing the ingredients for pizza while stretching the dough.
  1. The dough dividers are used to divide your wholemeal dough, made with mother yeast or special flours without stressing or ruining them.
  1. The dough rounder for pizza is the best solution to have perfectly round pizza balls without having to strain your arms. With a simple movement you have all the pizza balls you want. All you have to do is take the pizza ball and put it in the leavening box. 
  2. The pizza dough roller is the professional pizza equipment you need especially if you propose different types of dough and crust. In the Bakeit catalog you can choose between pizza dough roller and cold rolling machine and hot disc pizza roll
  1. Bakeit steel pizza bench consists of a steel bench with refrigerated doors, where you can store the ingredients of your pizzas at a controlled temperature. Unused bricks find space in the comfortable neutral drawer unit. The granite worktop is the ideal support on which you can spread the dough. 
  1. Baking the dough is the last step to making the perfect pizza. The professional electric pizza oven is the pizza equipment  that determines the success of your dish.