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The perfect oven for pizza, bread, pastry and gastronomy with maximum energy savings.

Energy savings of over 35%. Serie S is the static electric oven with the lowest consumption in the world, for an investment that is amortized in a short time. Use only the energy you need! Low costs from the first bills and minimal environmental impact.

Improve your business. Choose the Multibake chamber for a transversal production, or the specific one for your production offer: Romanbake, Stonebake, Pastrybake and Steambake.
Pizza, pastry, bakery and gastronomy! The versatile professional oven to cook what your customers love most.

5 types of modular cooking chambers:
- ROMANBAKE: The supercharged chamber specific for pan pizza. With enhanced resistance and refractory surface to have the right power and thrust in cooking for any workload.
- STONEBAKE: Entirely in refractory material suitable for classic pizza. The heat is transferred in an optimal way, enhancing even the most delicate toppings.
- PASTRYBAKE: Perfect for pastry and large leavened products. Equipped with a particular hob with a multilayer ashlar surface for the balanced and optimal distribution of heat even for the most delicate products. Also available with internal height of 30 cm.
- STEAMBAKE: Specific for baking bread, it guarantees perfect development and a crunchy crust. Equipped with steamer and refractory top for direct cooking, or bakingstone for indirect cooking. Also available with internal height of 30 cm.
- MULTIBAKE: Ideal for those who want to use the oven in a versatile way. Perfect cooking with refractory or textured surface for pizza, bread, pastry and gastronomy.

- ADAPTIVE-POWER TECHNOLOGY: Automatically modulates the energy used in real time based on the quantity of product inside the cooking chamber, delivering the minimum energy necessary to cook perfectly, avoiding waste.
- POWER-BOOSTER TECHNOLOGY: Increases the power in peak work and at full load while maintaining the cooking quality unchanged.
- DELTA-POWER TECHNOLOGY: Balances the power of the oven between the front and rear of the oven to obtain perfect cooking without ever turning the product, even with use characterized by frequent door openings.
- DUAL-POWER TECNOLOGY: Separate management of the top and bottom powers to optimally calibrate the baking of leavened products.
- SPLIT-BOOSTER TECHNOLOGY: Increases the power of the ceiling, floor or both resistances by 20% for a personalized direction of the booster.
- HALF-LOAD TECHNOLOGY: The right power even in case of partial loads. This function means that the oven uses only half of the cooking chamber in the back, reducing costs and consumption.
- ECO-STANDBY TECHNOLOGY: The intelligent function that allows you to save, putting the oven in standby during work breaks, making it operational again in one click.
- DUAL-TEMP TECHNOLOGY: Separate management of top and floor temperatures optimally calibrated for cooking gastronomy products.
- POWER CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: Cleaning the oven is simple. Just program the pyrolytic cleaning to eliminate any residue. Time saving and maximum safety for the customer.
- MULTI-TIMER: S Series includes up to 6 independent timers. Keep track of the times of the 6 cooking zones and simplify your work.
- METRONOME: After setting the cooking time, the display will indicate at all times the optimal area to bake at the right time, to better manage the work rhythms and the spaces of the hob.




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