Bakeit offers a wide range of professional ovens for bread, pastry products and pizza, standing out for the high quality made in Italy and for an excellent value for money. 

Professional ovens are industrial equipment designed to bake large quantities of baked goods efficiently and evenly. They can be powered by gas, electricity or diesel and designed to cook individually or in series. Within this page you can find professional ovens of various sizes and capacities, equipped with panels for temperature, ventilation and humidity control, as well as automatic ignition systems. All of our ovens are built to withstand heavy working conditions and last for a long time.

Complete your laboratory with our pastry equipment or our innovative bakery equipment to bake excellent quality products.

Our professional pizza ovens

The professional oven is a very important and essential item for every pizza place. Depending on the various needs and space available in the kitchen, we propose different versions:

  • Tunnel oven for pizza: it can be electric or gas powered and is an excellent ally for cooks and pizza makers. Italways keeps the cooking of food under control preventing it from burning; 
  • Electric pizza oven: available in various sizes and capacities, this oven can cook different types of leavened and pizzas and can also be used in "economy" mode for immediate energy savings;
  • Electric oven for Neapolitan pizza: covered with refractory ceramic for the maintenance of heat inside the dome, this model can reach high temperatures, up to 500°C;
  • Electric deck oven: super versatile and sustainable, this oven is the perfect solution for cooking multiple products, thanks to its 5 modular cooking chambers, also reducing energy consumption.


Professional bread oven and pastry oven 

Bakeit also offers a wide range of super versatile professional ovens, which can be used in different laboratories including bakeries and artisanal and industrial pastry shops. Discover the various models available at an affordable price: 

  • Electric convention oven: very versatile and small in size, this oven for bread and pastries equipped with a convention system is able to maintain a constant distribution of heat for optimal cooking, reducing the time and lowering the temperature thus favoring energy savings;
  • Electric oven with fixed soles: bakery oven equipped with the latest technology, with digital panels for the programming and control of the oven combined with the system of reduction of energy consumption;
  • Gas and oil tube deck ovens: Suitable for both industrial and craft productions this professional baking oven can obtain a unique and authentic taste of products;
  • Electric combined oven: super versatile and usable in different areas thanks to the combination of ventilated oven, modular oven and proofing cells;
  • Electric modular oven: is a professional oven for pastry and bakery, available in different models depending on the capacity you want and the type of production, perfect for baking leavened;
  • Electric gas oil rotor oven: also available in the mini rotor version, it is the ideal solution for those who have little space available but need optimal and professional performance.


Characteristics of bakery ovens for pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops.

The professional baking oven for bread, pastry and pizza products can have different sizes and baking capacity, according to customer requirements. For example, single-chamber ovens can be used for small amounts of cooking, while multi-chamber ovens can be safely used for large quantities of products.

Bakeit’s bakery ovens are designed to be long lasting and withstand heavy working conditions. They are built with high quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, which make them corrosion resistant and easy to clean. In addition, some ovens are equipped with automatic cleaning systems to make the cleaning process easier and faster.

In conclusion, commercial ovens for bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias are an essential equipment for any professional laboratories. Buy a professional oven for your laboratory and meet the needs of your customers!