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Evolution and tradition, solidity and flexibility, history and future.
Highest reliability for a quality and safe investment over time, the right solution for any kind of baking production, suitable for artisan bakeries which pursue excellence but also perfect for large productions at continuous cycles with automatic loading systems.
The baking is always soft and uniform, never aggressive, ideal for any kind of product and specifically recommended for big bread that needs long baking time.
Excellent thermal efficiency guaranteed by the large steam tubes (35mm diameter and 5,5 mm thickness) that heat the oven, with a consequent 30% consumption saving if compared with the steam tube ovens with brick furnace.

Steam tube deck ovens, designed to reduce the consumption over 30% compared with ordinary steam tube oven, without compromising quality, with excellent baking performances on both small and large pieces, ideal either for artisan productions or industrial baking process with automatic loading systems.
Very big steam tubes with a diameter of 35mm and 5,5mm thickness to guarantee an excellent thermal efficiency, ensuring great baking performances with no drops in temperature even with large productions with continuous working cycles.
Electromechanical control panel.
High efficiency INDEPENDENT STEAM GENERATORS made of anti-corrosion materials.
Available also with 2 independent steam generators for deck and/or special steam generators for continuous baking cycles with short baking time.
Tempered glass doors opening “automatically” when pushed by the loading setter, the loader or the integrated loader or “manually” by means of new insulated door handles.
The single door ovens feature as a standard “F” shape lateral handles.
High thermal efficiency cement agglomerate baking soles.
Stainless steel front and main parts.
Excellent thermal insulation with constant density rockwool panels.
Independent steam dampers on each deck and hood equipped with extractor.
All 3-deck ovens supplied with higher upper deck (250 MM) for special products baking.
All maintenance operations can be carried out from the front of the oven or from above.
Highly refractory stainless steel combustion chamber with two adjustable sections guaranteeing an excellent baking uniformity.
Burner support with security anti-explosion system / Gas, LPG or gasoil feeding.
Integrated loader.
Oversized tubes, excellent baking power, better bread and lower consuption.

Available in 35 models with a 3/4/5 Plans 1/2/3/4 decks.



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