A professional mobile oven rack is necessary in all the food sectors that require baking: pastry, pizzeria and most of all bakery. A tray rack, in fact, is a tool that can be easily moved in order to have the right spaces for the different processes in the laboratories and to better organize the production.

The stainless steel shelves of the mobile baking tray rack are durable and easy to clean, making them the ideal choice in many food production environments.

These accessories, together with the correct bakery equipment, allow you to work in complete serenity.

Bakery tray rack trolley, sizes and types

In Bakeit catalog these tray racks are available in different sizes and with different types of shelves, depending on your needs. Having these professional tools in your lab or kitchen allows you to enjoy a production that proceeds quickly and smoothly. Our experts are available to advise you on the most suitable baking tray rack for your production, which also complies with food safety regulations.


Inox tray rack trolley for rotary oven

Stainless steel racks for rotary oven are designed to support and transport the products inside the kiln. Stainless steel is a corrosion and high temperature resistant material, making it ideal for use in high temperature environments such as rotary kilns. They are built on request with top or carousel hooks. We can mount thermotex wheels suitable for high temperatures. 


Stainless steel racks for trays

These stainless steel racks for trays are designed specifically for the handling of trays in your laboratory. They are all equipped with solid and sturdy nylon wheels; the stainless steel tray racks are ideal for storing large quantities of product in a small space. 


Rotating oven tray rack for Panettone and Easter colomba

Panettone trolley racks are used to support and transport the Panettone during the leavening and cooking process. Designed to keep leavened like Easter Colomba in a horizontal position and allow a complete rotation immediately after cooking, necessary for this type of leavened product.

The rotation allows you to flip your dough for focaccias, Easter Colombas and Panettone in a single instant. In this way only one operator is able to churn out an entire production in a few gestures.


Peg trolleys for boards and trays

In stainless steel or galvanized material, the peg trolleys for boards have swivel wheels and are robust so as to move around in your laboratory tables for proofing and baking trays. The peg trolleys for trays are also made of stainless steel or galvanized material. 


Professional rack for loaders

Composed of different shelves and widths, this type of trolley meets every working need. Specifically, the central shelf of the rack for loaders has 2 shelves where you can place your loader full of bread and carry out the different processes before entering the oven.


Stainless steel baskets rack

For bakers and baking experts these stainless steel baskets racks are the most suitable aid for handling bread baskets such as stackable pizza boxes. 


Bakery trolley rack for baskets with shelves

The leavening boxes inside laboratories and refrigerator cells are easily mobilized thanks to the  bakery trolley rack for baskets because they ensure the safe movement of large quantities of product.

Another food accessory that makes the difference in terms of hygiene and storage of the product is the PVC rack cover, useful when the preparations must be moved from one area to another of the laboratory or store. Made to measure, they can be with 2 hinges and 1 window or with 4 hinges and 2 windows.