Industrial water chillers are devices that use a cooling system to reduce the water temperature. These systems are used to provide fresh and chilled water that allows cooling machines, mixtures and industrial equipment. Furthermore, this refrigeration monitoring and control system is effective in laboratories and other environments where water must be kept at a constant cold temperature. 

For this reason water chillers are fundamental in the various professional laboratories and are an effective solution to improve the quality of bread, pizzas, focaccia and for this reason they are useful bakery equipment.

How do refrigeration monitoring and control systems work in craft workshops?

Water coolers operate through a cooling gas compression cycle which is then passed through a condenser that dissipates heat. The water comes down through a coil where it is cooled by dry ice and then distributed through a system of pipes and taps.

Industrial water  chillers can be of different types and sizes, depending on the use that must be made to cool tap water or purified one.

Bakeit has several instant water coolers that, according to hourly production, vary their water intake from 60 liters/ hour up to 500 liters/ hour. The water supplied by their structure is clean because it doesn’t flow into collection tanks where impurities and dirt usually lurk. Together with the water chillers in the catalogue, you can choose the units for the dosing control unit that can be also installed with chillers already at your disposal.