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Instant water chillers exploit a system with solid storage eliminates any possibility to contaminate cooled water with Freon and lubricating oil leaking from possible breaking in the refrigerating circuit, and so conformed to a much more strict security guidelines for the customer. The usage of the pressure from the water supply for water intaking avoid the expensive installation of the autoclave and all the relative costs for its maintenance life. The cooled water contained inside the pipeline, completely realized in stainless steel, never come into contact with fresh air, and so eliminating the problem of bacteria proliferation due to stagnant water. A thermometer allows a constant control of the working temperature. A further safety system prevents water from freezing inside the pipeline. The tank contains water to store cold and thermal exchange. The recycling of water with jet agitators allows a better thermal exchange and together with an excellent insulation enables to achieve a remarkable energy saving. It can be observed the absence of valves and floats for antifloading security. The working principle of the water chiller is in fact without any risks linked to water leakage. The external surface is realized with stainless steel. The refrigerant unit is filled with gas conformed to the latest world guidelines for the environment safety. The water chillers are equipped with clamp for wall fixing, are supplied with the connection to the water supply and power supply cables.

Power supply: 400V/50Hz 3F+N+T
Compressor: 3 Hp (nominal)
Connections: G1/2" F
Full and empty weight: 230 - 140 kg
Surface: Stainless steel
Motor-condensing unit: Built-in

Model: G300
Production Litr./h: 300
Dimensions cm: 85x60x112
Flow Litr./min: 10 - 12
Outflowing max pressure Bar: 2
Electric power Watt: 3300

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