Models for commercial mixers and planetary mixers

There are different types of professional keading machines and planetary mixers and each of them has unique technical characteristics. To choose the most suitable model for your bakery, pastry shop or pizzeria you will need to consider: the amount of products you intend to make, the hydration of the dough you want to get and the hours of daily use. Among the mixers and planetary mixers that Bakeit has selected for you, you can find:

  • Spiral mixer with 1 motor 2 speeds and the spiral mixer with 2 motors and 2 speeds: while the tank rotates on itself, a sturdy stainless steel spiral-shaped mechanical arm rotates on its own axis and at the right angle while mixing the ingredients and stretching the dough. This type of spiral mixer is particularly used in pizzerias because it is economical, super versatile and reduces production time.
  • Self-tipping spiral mixer: has the same processing as a spiral kneader machine, but thanks to its robust lifter and automatic tipper allows you to overturn the dough directly on the work table (height 1400/1500mm) or on the hopper (height 1900/2000mm). 
  • Double arm mixer: produces soft and silky mixtures, oxygenating and mixing them perfectly. The movement of the 2 tools, combined with the movement of the tank, very faithfully imitates a handmade dough with excellent final results.
  • Fork mixer: the rotary movement of the fork, installed obliquely compared to the stainless steel tank, allows to incorporate an ideal amount of oxygen without overheating the dough. The professional fork kneader is a versatile machine with high performance and ability to work any type of hard dough.
  • Floor planetary mixer and the bench planetary mixer: The sturdy stainless steel mechanical arm mounted on the commercial planetary mixer carries out two simultaneous rotary movements: one on its own axis and one around the center of the tank, working evenly throughout the dough. This planetary mixer includes 3 tools: whisk, spatula and hook and is especially popular in the preparation of pastry creams or cakes.

Spiral, double arms or commercial planetary mixer: read all the technical features or contact us to choose the professional mixer or planetary that best meets the needs of your laboratory!



Bakeit is here to answer the most frequently asked questions about our bakery mixers, to dispel any doubts and help you to make the right choice.

1) Where to buy a professional mixer or planetary micher?

Bakeit offers online a wide range of dough kneading machines for the world of dough. You can purchase the products directly on our website, or contact our professional advisor directly on +39 39160265.
Alternatively send us an email ( with your request for information and our sales representative will contact you as soon as possible with a quote tailored to your needs.

2) What is the best commercial mixer?

Bakeit selects only the best dough kneading machines that the Italian market can offer. If you need to produce hard dough (under 55% hydration ) we recommend choosing the fork mixer. For medium/ soft dough ( over 55% hydration ) we recommend buying a spiral mixer or a double arm mixer. All you need to know is the type of dough you need to treat and our competent staff will help you purchase it step by step.

3) How much does a bakery mixer cost?

The price varies according to the type of commercial mixer and planetary mixer chosen and the size of the tank. Discover our range of made in Italy equipment and the competitive price range. Contact us for price information and we will be happy to advise you and direct you to the right choice for you. 

4) What is the difference between a bakery mixer and a planetary mixer? 

The professional bakery mixer is a useful tool for the production of hard, medium and hydrated dough (water + flour, salt, yeast, etc.). Thanks to its robust structure, it can withstand the multiple stresses caused by the dough without overheating.

The planetary mixer was instead created to whip products such as cream, eggs, sugar without leaving anything on the edges. It is usually equipped with 2 interchangeable tools (whip and spatula) that are created for these types of processing. The planetary is also equipped with a spiral tool, but only used exclusively to produce small soft dough. The greatest field of use of this machinery is certainly inside pastry laboratories

Contact us now to know the model of professional kneading machine or commercial planetary mixer to create the perfect dough!