Rotor oven 15/18 trays 50×70

Rotor oven 15/18 trays 50×70

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Redefines the concept of “rotary oven” : ultra compact dimensions, easy and quick assembly, very low consumptions and the standard version is complete and professional. Is the ideal solution for anybody who wants to get large performances even in a small space and with a limited budget. Does not restrain your creativity. Allows a reduction in consumptions more than 30% compared to the traditional rotary rack ovens.


Technical Features:
– Electromechanical control panel
– Upper HOOK turning system
– 2-SPEED baking ventilation
– Stainless steel door with 180° opening system and double glass with opening external glass for easy cleaning
– High efficiency thermal insulation thanks to compressed HD rockwool panels
– Steam generator
– Stainless steel interior and exterior
– Gaskets mounted on the door to avoid the impact with the racks
– All maintenance operations can be carried out from the top, front or inside the oven
– Hood with extractor
– Delivered in 2 modules, installation time less than 2 hours
– Burner placed on the top of the oven
– Three powerful rear fans
– 12 shutters for air flow regulation


Model: ROTOR 50×70 C
Dimensions mm: 1120×1410+285×2000+320h
Max trays nr. cm: 15/18 form 50×70

Power gas/gasoline Kcal/h = B.t.u./h = Kw: 45000 = 180000 = 52,5

Average consumption Kcal/h: 25000

Electric power kw: 1.5

Min. height local mm: 2500

Min. width door mm: 850





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