Delivery of goods

What to do ...

Here's how to behave when the goods are delivered.

You will find some tips to avoid running into unpleasant situations if the item is damaged.

Follow all the steps and if you have any doubts contact us.

Steps to follow

1. First step

CAREFULLY CHECK the package and the integrity of the packaging in the presence of the courier.

2. Second step

Always note the words " SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC INSPECTION " on the shipping documents, indicating and describing the presence of even the slightest dent/defect in the packaging. (e.g.: blunt cardboard corner, broken pallet, cut/scratched cardboard etc.).

In the absence of documents, photograph the PDA where you have placed the SIGNATURE WITH SPECIFIC RESERVATION and the description of the damage, making sure that the driver has indicated the previous wording.

Also note the license plate of the vehicle, the name of the driver; sign your signature, have the courier sign too and keep a copy of the documents.

3. Third step

If the packaging of the goods is visibly and extensively damaged, REJECT/do not accept the damaged goods, always noting the reason for non-collection on the documents.

4. Fourth step

Even in the case of intact packaging, always sign with the words " CONTROL RESERVE " to avoid any hidden damage inside the package, not visible from the outside.

5. Fifth step

Notify Bakeit immediately of the incident, sending photographs, descriptions of what was found and a copy of the signed document to the courier.

6. ... and finally


Unfortunately, without these measures it is not possible to contest damage and it is not possible to open the reimbursement procedure, the insurance will not respond and we cannot be held responsible in the event of damage.

If you have any doubts at the time of delivery, please call us so that we can provide you with accurate and situation-specific information.