The Bakeit Success Story

In the heart of the food industry, establishes itself as a bastion of Italian excellence, offering an unrivaled range of equipment for pastry, pizzeria and bakery.

Our dedication to innovation merges with venerable Italian tradition to equip tastemakers with tools that embody quality and reliability.

Origins and Achievements of

Founded in 1979 by Severino Contin, our company has evolved from a local company to an international leader in the sector of equipment for bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias. Under the leadership of Cristian Contin, we have reached over 60 countries around the world, thanks to our "Bakeit" platform.

Our Strengths: From Experience to Excellence

Over 40 Years of Experience: Our long history in the sector makes us experts in choosing the most suitable equipment for each customer.

Authentic Made in Italy Equipment: We only offer products authentically produced and assembled in Italy, guaranteeing excellence and durability.

Competitive Prices: Thanks to our sales volumes and agreements with Italian manufacturers, we offer high quality equipment at affordable prices.

Operational Rental with GRENKE SRL: We provide flexible operational rental solutions, making equipment purchasing more accessible.

Speed ​​and Efficiency in Response: We are committed to providing quick and accurate quotes, respecting the value of our customers' time.

Assistance and Spare Parts: We offer a telephone assistance service and the possibility of purchasing spare parts for the equipment.

To the future:
Bakeit's Continuous Innovation

We continue to innovate and improve, adapting to changing market needs and always maintaining high standards of quality and service.

We have built a solid reputation based on the trust of our customers and the quality of our equipment, as demonstrated by numerous positive testimonials.

Our online presence is constantly optimized to ensure the best visibility, with the strategic use of keywords and updated content.

Real Feedback: Bakeit's Commitment to Quality

Testimonials from our customers, from Luxembourg to Australia and from Austria to Spain, reflect our commitment to quality and service excellence.

The Bakeit Promise of Quality and Reliability

At, our history, experience, and dedication to quality come together to offer you the best experience in the pastry, pizzeria and bakery equipment sector. Contact us to find out how we can help you realize your project.

A Dedicated Team

Cristian Contin, Commercial Director

With a background in International Economics, Cristian led the company's international expansion.

Luca Contin, Management Director
A law graduate, Luca brought crucial skills to business management.

Stella Contin, Administration
With a background in accounting, Stella manages the administration with competence and precision.


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