Baking loader with canvas

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Frame size: 1200x580/590mm


Baking loader with canvas

Combination: 1200x580/590mm

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The baking loaders on Bakeit represent an excellent choice when it comes to guaranteeing the perfect cooking of your baked products. Precision crafted from silver anodized aluminum, these frames offer superior strength than many other models on the market.

Our range of baking loader with canvas offers several options to allow you to choose the frame that best suits your production needs. They have a standard width of 580/590 mm and the total length starts from 1200 mm up to 4700 mm . On request we can have baking frames with non-standard widths and measurements.

Each aluminum loading frame is supplied complete with high quality cotton canvas , ensuring excellent performance during baking. Alternatively, upon request, it is possible to opt for fiberglass fabric, an equally reliable solution.


- Brand and model of the oven
- External width of the frame
- Total length of the frame including handle
- Distance from rest to end of frame
- Upper or lower attachment

Choose the quality and reliability of our baking frames to achieve impeccable results in the preparation of your baked products.

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