Cotton Canvas for Baking Loaders

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Cotton Canvas for Baking Loaders
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Spare cloth for baking loaders are an essential element for obtaining uniform and perfect cooking of your baked goods. Available in two different material options, cotton and fiber, they offer versatility and high-level performance. When purchasing canvases for your baking frame, it's important to follow a few basic steps to ensure you get the right product for your needs.

Advice for purchasing fabric canvases for oven setters

  • Measure the outside width of the frame

Start by measuring the outside width of your baking frame. This measurement will determine the overall size of your canvas. Be sure to take this measurement accurately to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Calculate the center distance of the sliding rollers

The next step is to calculate the distance between the rollers of your chassis. This measurement is from the center of one roll to the center of the other. This is important to ensure that the canvas fits properly in the frame and slides smoothly during firing.

  • Determine the number of holes

Each canvas can have a different number of holes. Decide how many holes you want in your canvas based on your baking needs and the type of baked goods you usually prepare. More holes will allow for better air circulation while cooking.

  • Calculate the pitch from hole center to hole center

The pitch, which represents the distance between one hole and another, is another important aspect to consider. Proper pitch will help ensure even heat distribution and even cooking of your baked goods.

  • Select the number of rows of holes

Finally, decide how many rows of holes you want on your canvas. This will affect the amount of space available for your baked goods and the air circulation in the oven.

Be sure to let us know all the necessary measurements and specifications before making your purchase, so that we can achieve the best possible result when cooking your delicious baked goods.

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