Dispenser for Frozen Yogurt and Soft Ice Cream, SPM GT Push and GT Touch

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Control Panel: Mechanical
Tank capacity: 5L


Dispenser for Frozen Yogurt and Soft Ice Cream, SPM GT Push and GT Touch

Combination: Mechanical / 5L

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Number of Tanks 1 1 2 2
Tank capacity litres 5 5 5+5 5+5
Capacity kg 4 4 4+4 4+4
Pushbutton LED electronics Touch screen LED electronics Touch screen
Available colours White black White black
I-Tank™ insulated tank Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bathtub lighting No No No No
Cooling system Air Air Air Air
Standard Voltage 230/50V/Hz 230/50V/Hz 230/50V/Hz 230/50V/Hz
Watt/A absorption 420/4.7 350/4.7 600/9 756/9
Dimensions cm W26xD42.5xH65 W26xD42.5xH65 L45xP43.5xH65 L45xP43.5xH65
Net weight kg 28 28 46 46
Refrigerant gas R 404 a - R 290 R 404 a R 404 a - R 290 R 404 a

In the Bakeit catalog you can find the perfect soft ice cream and frozen yogurt dispenser for your specific needs. On the one hand, the BKGT dispensers offer intuitive control via a touch control panel , while on the other, the GT Push dispensers offer the simplicity and reliability of a mechanical control panel . Furthermore, both versions with one 5 liter tank and those with two 5 liter tanks each are available to ensure maximum flexibility in the production of soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. Discover the GT Push 1, the GT Push 2 and the BKGT dispensers, all professional ice cream machines designed to take your soft ice cream and frozen yogurt production experience to the next level.

Features of the BKGT Touch soft ice cream dispenser

  • Interactive touch screen
  • I-TANK™ Technology to prevent ice formation on the outside
  • It can dispense up to 5 different products depending on the program selected

Features of the GT Push soft ice cream dispenser

  • 5 liter insulated tanks
  • Elegant design and compact size
  • Ideal for all Ho.Re.Ca operators.
  • Suitable for water- or milk-based powder products and ready-made mixes to be poured into the tank with significant overrun.
  • I-Tank™ insulated tanks to reduce the impact of the external temperature on the product, guaranteeing energy and economic savings.
  • LED keypad on the front to set the temperature.
  • PUSH button to increase motor speed for faster delivery.
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