Fresh bread milling machine

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Fresh bread milling machine
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Standard sieve Hourly production (dry bread) Safeties Engine safety Voltage/Kw Dimensions mm Weight kg
3-4 mm (dry bread) + 8-10 mm (crumb) Up to 140kg/h Micro and interlock Thermal tablet 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T / Kw1,5 L649xP412xH895 30

The fresh bread milling machine is equipped with two distinct kits to meet specific production needs.

The first kit, featuring a sieve with hole sizes ranging between 8 and 10 millimeters, is optimized for breadcrumb production, ensuring an ideal consistency for recipes that require fresh and soft bread.

The second kit, with a sieve having holes of 3-4 millimeters, is designed for dry bread production, offering a finer grind to achieve a consistency suitable for various preparations that require dry bread, such as crumbs or special doughs.

Because of this versatility, the bread grinder is among the bakery machines that best suits the needs of professional and hobbyist bakers, enabling them to achieve optimal results based on preferences and recipes.

  • Double accident prevention protection: designed with the utmost attention to operator safety, the crumb mill is equipped with a double accident prevention system to guarantee safe and reliable use.
  • Sieve with double grain size: offers the possibility of choosing between two different grain sizes, allowing you to obtain the desired consistency for the bread crumbs, be it fine or coarser.
  • High productivity: despite its compact size, this machine guarantees high productivity, meeting the needs of rooms with high work volume.
  • Compact dimensions: the Bakeit crumb mill easily adapts to any work environment, thanks to its small size.
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