Heat resistant wheel for rotor oven trolley

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Support Material: Galvanized
Wheel diameter: ⌀ 80mm


Heat resistant wheel for rotor oven trolley

Combination: Galvanized / ⌀ 80mm

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Wheel diameter 80 MM 100 MM
Wheel width mm: 35 35
Total height wheel + support mm: 108 128
Support plate size mm: 100x85 100x85
Hole center distance mm: 80x60 80x60
Hole width mm: 8,5 8,5

For those who work in a laboratory or manage a small business in the food sector, the choice of efficient and safe equipment is crucial to guarantee maximum productivity and compliance with safety standards. The heat-resistant wheel for rotor oven trolley represents an innovative and reliable solution for professionals. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, these wheels are perfectly suited to baking trolleys, combining durability and versatility. Their composition guarantees the absence of harmful fumes, making them ideal for use in the food industry.


Features of rotor oven trolley wheels:

  • Temperature resistance: Termotex wheels for rotor oven trolleys can operate effectively in a temperature range from -40°C to +280°C, tolerating peaks of up to 300°C.
  • Chemical compatibility: these wheels offer excellent resistance to chemical agents, ensuring durability and reliability over time.
  • Healthiness in Food Use: the composition of the wheels ensures the absence of harmful fumes, respecting the standards of the food industry.
  • Versatility of Use : Ideal for rotor ovens and cold rooms, these wheels are an essential addition to any baking environment.
  • Materials and Dimensions: available in material options such as stainless steel or galvanized , and in different diameter sizes, ⌀ 80mm or ⌀ 100mm, to adapt to various needs and types of oven trolleys.
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