Manual plate dough divider and rounder machine

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Weight and No. of Balls: 15 balls of 100-260gr
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Manual plate dough divider and rounder machine

Combination: 15 balls of 100-260gr

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Model Divisions no. Weight (g) Capacity (kg) Opening (mm) Weight kg) Power (kw) Voltage Dimensions (mm)
SAS 52 52 12/35 2.08 70 230 1.30 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T W640xD620xH2050
SAS 30s 30s 25/90 2.7 70 230 1.30 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T W640xD620xH2050
SAS 30 30 40/135 4 70 230 1.30 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T W640xD620xH2050
SAS 22 22 50/180 4 70 230 1.30 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T W640xD620xH2050
SAS 15 15 100/260 4 70 230 1.30 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T W640xD620xH2050


Our manual dough divider and rounder machine represents a cutting-edge engineering solution within our extensive catalog of bakery equipment designed to optimize commercial bakery and pastry production processes.

With its advanced dough dividing and rounding capabilities, this tool provides an unparalleled level of precision and uniformity essential for companies aiming to elevate the consistency of their baked goods.

Fitting seamlessly into production cycles already in place, the rounding divider enhances operational efficiency, allowing companies to minimize processing time and maximize productivity, without compromising on the quality that distinguishes industry leaders.

The manual rounding divider is ideal for dividing and rounding dough for bread, pastry and pizza making. The frame is made of oven-painted steel, with knives made of AISI 304 stainless steel and dividing disk made of cast food-grade aluminum treated.

The rounding motor is activated only after cutting, thanks to a safety microswitch. Three food-grade PETG plates are included, and the machine is mounted on wheels with parking feet and a key for their adjustment.


Characteristics of the manual plate divider and rounder for dough

  • Oven-painted steel structure and AISI 304 stainless steel knives.
  • Equipped with all safety devices to work with maximum peace of mind.
  • Equipped with cleaning systems to be activated at the end of use for maximum efficiency and durability.
  • Manual work cycle: pressing, cutting and rounding using levers.
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