Operaprima cold pizza dough stretcher

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Operaprima cold pizza dough stretcher
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Worktop height Dimensions Net weight Material Diet Average consumption Display dimensions Connectivity for Industry 4.0
400 mm L650xD650xH870 mm 135kg Stainless steel, aluminium, POM-C electric 230 V - 50 Hz 1 kW 160x90 mm 2 Ethernet ports

The OperaPrima cold pizza stretcher is equipped with patented technology to work delicately with different types of dough without stressing it. With the capacity to roll out 200 pizzas per hour and a customizable diameter, increase the efficiency of your pizzeria. Use is very simple: place the dough on the surface and start the machine - the pizza base is ready in a few seconds. OperaPrima is designed to create a defined edge with adjustable thickness, allowing you to prepare different types of pizzas, from Neapolitan to Roman. Choose the automatic cold pizza stretcher to obtain high quality artisanal pizzas even without qualified personnel.

Features of the automatic cold pizza dryer:

  • Work cold without stressing the dough
  • Create a defined border
  • It does not require qualified personnel
  • Customizable diameter
  • Rolls out 200 pizzas per hour
  • Easy to use
  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Washable and compact
  • Transportable easily
  • Patented and compliant with CE regulations
  • Designed with Hygienic Design criteria
  • Can be accessorised with stainless steel support

Integrating the OperaPrima cold pizza stretcher into your arsenal of pizzeria equipment means embracing a significant innovation that responds to the efficiency and quality needs of the B2B catering sector. This technological solution, specifically designed for the professional context, raises the level of automation of the pizza preparation process, offering a consistently high quality product and minimizing the need for qualified human intervention . With its ability to work different types of dough without stress and ease of use, OperaPrima is positioned as an indispensable asset for pizzerias that aim to optimize their workflows without compromising the craftsmanship and customization of their culinary offerings .

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