Professional chocolate spray gun

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Professional chocolate spray gun
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Length 24cm
Length 22cm
Total height 45cm
Machine weight 12kg
Shell material Stainless steel
Power 0.5 kW
Voltage 220V 50/60Hz

The professional chocolate spray gun was designed to create various decorations thanks to the pulverization effect of the chocolate or cocoa butter. The latter, if mixed with dyes, captures the color and can be applied on pralines, Easter eggs, etc. This effect is made possible thanks to an airbrush with a one-litre container which, when connected to a compressor, pulverizes the chocolate.

The different effects can be obtained by working on the knobs of the airbrush, it is therefore possible to increase or decrease the quantity of product dispensed so as to determine the size of the particles of pulverized product, the nozzle which has a diameter of 1.9mm.

Inside the professional chocolate machine there is a heated chamber which serves to maintain the product at the desired temperature, in the case of cocoa butter and chocolate it is possible to maintain the tempera for your decorations. The best known effect that can be achieved with this machine is the velvet one, the only limit is decided by creativity.

Instrumentation and electrical system of the chocolate spray gun

  • Digital display with the possibility of regulating the temperature in the heated chamber
  • Nr. 1 pressure regulator
  • No. 1 pressure gauge
  • Nr. 2 fittings for connecting air entering the compressor and exiting the airbrush
  • Nr. 1 Heating resistors
  • Nr. 1 Fans to ventilate hot air

Features of the chocolate airbrush

  • Length: 20cm
  • Width: 11cm
  • Height: 26cm
  • Container capacity: 1 liter of product
  • Nr. 1 knob for regulating the air entering the airbrush
  • No. 1 knob to adjust the quantity of product to be dispensed (for the different effects)
  • No. 1 air exhaust knob
  • 1.9 mm nozzle with adjustable opening
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