Continuous tempering machine for chocolate

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Tank capacity: 6Kg


Continuous tempering machine for chocolate

Combination: 6Kg

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Model 6Kg 24Kg 60Kg
Length (cm) 75 47 59.5
Width (cm) 81.5 50 86
Total Height (cm) 145.2 84 144
Bowl diameter (cm) 40 20 N/A
Machine Weight (kg) 158 67 90
Tank capacity (kg) 24 6 60
Body material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Power (kW) 2.7 (three-phase) 1.5 3.5
Voltage (V) 400 V – 50 Hz (ops. 230 V) 230V 50/60Hz 400V 50/60Hz

In the world of pastry and chocolate making, professional continuous chocolate tempering machines play a crucial role. Among the most innovative and functional models of choccolate making equipment we find the "6 KG Continuous Countertop Chocolate Tempering Machine", ideal for small businesses and equipped with advanced technologies; the "24 KG Continuous Chocolate Tempering Machine", optimized for medium and large pastry shops thanks to its versatility and safety and finally, the "60 KG Continuous Chocolate Tempering Machine", perfect for large artisan workshops thanks to its high production capacity. These tempering machines offer customized solutions for every production need in the field of chocolate processing, combining capacity, advanced technology and safety.

The characteristics of the professional continuous tempering machine for chocolate

  • Production Capacity: the capacity varies depending on the model: 6 kg for the bench model (6 kg every hour and a half), 60 kg for the Adam k60 model (100 kg per hour) and 24 kg for the intermediate model.
  • Technology and Control: All models include touch screen displays with temperature control and advanced features. The 6 KG model offers internet connection for remote support and control via Wi-Fi, while the 60 KG model has a touch screen panel with 4.0 technology and the 24 KG model has operational management via control panel.
  • Operation Modes: They have different modes such as Manual, Automatic and Standby. The 60 KG model also adds quick shutdown and reverse gear.
  • Motion System: Various motors and gearboxes are included in the models. The 60 KG model has a movement system with an auger motor and a bowl motor.
  • Heating and Cooling System: All models have silicone resistors for heating and refrigeration systems, with differences in type and power.
  • Specific Features: The 6 KG model has remote assistance functionality and software updates via USB. The 60 KG model has an auger that can be removed from the top to facilitate cleaning, while the 24 KG model emphasizes temperature management and motor-vibrator control.
  • Energy Consumption: Specific for each model, with the 60 KG model consuming 3.5 kW at 400 V.
  • Security and Update: Each model is equipped with safety fuses and the possibility of future updates, thus ensuring a high safety standard and continuous technological updating.
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