Professional dough refiner 2 cylinder

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Professional dough refiner 2 cylinder
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Dimensions 690x570 (659 mm) x 1183 mm
Weight 212 kg
Motor 1.5 kW
Cylinders Ø 140 mm
Voltage 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T

The 2-cylinder pastry refiner is the beating heart of every pastry laboratory that seeks perfection in dough processing. With superior refining capacity, this Italian-made machine is designed to enhance your culinary creativity.

Made with high quality materials, such as non-toxic stainless steel for the tray and extremely resistant porphyry conglomerate cylinders, this machine complies with strict food regulations. The gears in oil bath and the mechanics on roller bearings guarantee smooth and reliable operation. With a food-grade cast aluminum head, this refiner is the perfect choice for producing high-quality desserts and pastries efficiently and safely.

Features of the 2-cylinder refiner

  • Upper tray and grill made of resistant and non-toxic stainless steel.
  • Cylinders made of extremely hard and resistant porphyry conglomerate.
  • Materials compliant with food regulations.
  • Gears in oil bath.
  • Mechanics mounted on roller bearings.
  • Head in food-grade cast aluminium.
  • The machine controls are distributed on the front.
  • Designed to allow positioning next to other machines or against a wall.
  • The refiner is raised 11 cm off the ground, making cleaning easier.

Discover the future of pastry making with our 2-cylinder refiner. Refine, create and amaze with Bakeit's made in Italy quality. Take your baking to the next level.

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