Professional soft serve ice cream machine with 2 Flavors + Mix

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Tank capacity: 12L+12L
Professional soft serve ice cream machine with 2 Flavors + Mix

Combination: 12L+12L

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MODEL 12+12 L 16+16 L
Diet Three-phase Three-phase
Condensation Air Air
Hourly production (Kg) 40 40
No. of cones/h (from 75 gr.) 533 533
Tank capacity (lt) 12 (x2) 16 (x2)
No flavours 2 + Mix 2 + Mix
Voltage 400V/50Hz/3+N 400V/50Hz/3+N
Electrical power (kW) 4.1 4.1
Width (cm) 53 53
Height (cm) 144 144
Depth (cm) 77 77
Net weight (kg) 220 211

Features of the Soft professional ice cream machine

The Soft professional ice cream machine meets the needs of operators who need a professional tool capable of excellent continuous yields to cope even with high peaks of demand.

Available with 12L+12L or 16L+16L tank capacities

This professional ice cream machine offers an exceptional production capacity of up to 40 kg/h with pump power. Its versatility is highlighted by the two automatic freezing cycles , one for soft ice cream and frozen yogurt and the other for sorbets, semifreddos and fruit ice creams based on natural ingredients, all patented.

The 2 independent conservation tanks allow you to combine different flavors with variable quantities and dispensing frequencies. Additionally, you can turn off half the machine during off-season or cleaning, while keeping the other part running.

The machine also offers a number of conveniences, such as a large freezing cylinder , a monobloc resin mixer (standard) and an easy cleaning system thanks to the gear pump.

Its equipment includes a tap with a magnetic sensor dispensing system and the possibility of setting the counting of the portions dispensed.

Finally, the patented CTS system and the Wi-Manager system for Wi-Fi and GSM connection guarantee advanced control and intuitive management of your professional ice cream machine.

List of main features

  • power supply: Three-phase;
  • condensation: Air;
  • 2 automatic freezing cycles;
  • hourly production: 40 kg;
  • typology: Floor standing;
  • number of cones/h (75 gr.): 533;
  • 2 independent conservation tanks;
  • tank capacity: 12 (x2) lt - 16 (x2) lt;
  • n. flavors: 2 + Mix;
  • faucet with magnetic sensor dispensing system;
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