Aged meat refrigerator

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Number of Doors: 1 Door
Door Material: Stainless steel


Aged meat refrigerator

Combination: 1 Door / Stainless steel

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Model 700L 1 DOOR 700L 1 GLASS DOOR 1500L 2 DOORS 1500L 2 GLASS DOORS
Dimensions L75xD85xH208 cm L75xD85xH208 cm L150xD85xH208 cm L150xD85xH208 cm
Capacity Meat and Cheese 100 Kg Meat and Cheese 100 Kg Meat 300 Kg - Cheese 200 Kg Meat 300 Kg - Cheese 200 Kg
Display EVERtouch EVERtouch EVERtouch EVERtouch
External Finish Stainless steel S/B Stainless steel S/B Stainless steel S/B Stainless steel S/B
Internal finish Stainless steel 2B Stainless steel 2B Stainless steel 2B Stainless steel 2B
Voltage 230V - 50Hz 230V - 50Hz 230V - 50Hz 230V - 50Hz
Cooling Capacity - Evap./Cond. (W) 565 - Evap. -10°C / Cond. 54.4°C 565 - Evap. -10°C / Cond. 54.4°C 922 - Evap. -10°C / Cond. 54.4°C 922 - Evap. -10°C / Cond. 54.4°C
Power Absorbed (W/A) 1800 / 9.8 1800 / 9.8 2600 / 14 2600 / 14
Refrigerant gas R452A R452A R452A R452A
Temperature and RH 0° +30°C 40% ÷ 95% RH 0° +30°C 40% ÷ 95% RH 0° +30°C 40% ÷ 95% RH 0° +30°C 40% ÷ 95% RH
Capacity (Litres) 625 625 1365 1365
Net/Gross Weight (Kg) 133/155 149/171 238/265 267/292

For those looking for maximum flexibility of use, our refrigerated cabinet model for maturing meat is ideal. This model allows you to mature and preserve various artisanal products such as cured meats, meat and cheeses. The active control of humidity, temperature and ventilation parameters guarantees ideal maturation conditions, adapting to different product needs.

Production is no longer subject to the unpredictability of the weather, allowing for safe and continuous planning throughout the year.

Furthermore, the EVERtouch color touchscreen control panel is intuitive and offers advanced control functions. It has a dedicated background based on the current recipe and includes a remote connection module.


The advantages of the refrigerated cabinet for maturing

  • AISI 304 stainless steel door.
  • 7" color touchscreen panel.
  • Standard internal lighting.
  • CF version (meat and cheese) with 5 GN 2/1 stainless steel grids for each door.
  • Interior with rounded edges and printed bottom.
  • 75 mm insulation in eco-friendly polyurethane .
  • Racks, bars, grids and guides in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Easily replaceable monobloc refrigeration unit.
  • Temperature adjustment range from 0°C to +30°C and humidity from 40% to 95%.
  • Ventilated refrigeration with cataphoresis treated evaporator.
  • Class N air condensing unit (maximum +32°C).
  • Refrigerant gas R452A (GWP 2141) for models in NON-EU markets.
  • Automatic defrost with electric resistance.
  • Resistance humidifier unit included (requires water connection).
  • Condensate collection with removable tray.
  • EVERtouch electronic control panel with 7" touchscreen display.
  • Internal lighting with K4000 LED bars (glazed models only).
  • Locking with keys.
  • Self-closing doors with opening up to 105°.
  • Easily replaceable magnetic seals.
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel feet (130-200 mm).
  • Wi-Fi connection module for remote management .
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