Commercial horizontal bread slicer machine

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Commercial horizontal bread slicer machine
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Technical data
Cutting width (mm) 520
Cutting height (mm) 60-160
Blade pitch (mm) 9am - 6pm
Power Kw 1
Volt 400/50/3
Dimension (mm) L1980xP300xH835
Weight kg 335
Voltage 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T

The semi-industrial bread slicing machine combines a strong and imposing design with sinuous, clean and elegant lines. This machine, easy and safe to use, quickly adapts to the needs of a constantly evolving market. Created to meet the demand for high productivity, it offers the possibility of continuous loading.

A high-performance machine, equipped with two motorized conveyor belts: a fixed lower one and an electrically adjustable upper one to adapt to the height of the bread. The cutting speed can be varied via inverter, making it suitable for different types of bread. The containment rail is adjustable using a lever for quick and precise product alignment.

The oscillating movement of the knives guarantees great reliability and durability over time, thanks to the bearings which reduce the need for continuous maintenance.

  • Front drawer to collect crumbs
  • Manual mechanism for evacuating the last cut
  • Double emergency system for greater safety
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