Stainless steel baskets rack trolley

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Basket size: 40x60cm


Stainless steel baskets rack trolley

Combination: 40x60cm

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Bakeit basket trolleys are professional tools, an emblem of Made in Italy, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals in the catering, baking and beyond sectors. The high quality of the materials, combined with Italian craftsmanship, ensures a reliable and durable solution for the handling and storage of baskets.

The trolleys are equipped with nylon wheels with a diameter of 80mm and galvanized support , which facilitate movement even on irregular surfaces, while ensuring stability and resistance. The choice of stainless steel is not random: in addition to offering superior resistance to corrosion and rust, this material is easy to clean, maintaining the highest hygienic standards .

The best models of stainless steel basket trolleys

  • 40x60 cm model: Ideal for smaller spaces or for those who need to move moderate quantities of products. The compact size allows for easy maneuverability without sacrificing load capacity.
  • 60x80 cm model: Perfect for those looking for a solution capable of managing larger volumes of goods. This version offers a large loading surface, while maintaining excellence in terms of handling and resistance.
  • Customization to Measure: Bakeit offers the possibility of customizing trolleys according to specific needs, creating any size required. This tailor-made service underlines the company's commitment to providing solutions that are perfectly suited to each customer's operational needs, with the addition of the priceless value of Italian design and manufacturing.
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