Wooden Case cm 180x30 with Sides for Bread Proving with 8 Compartments Hight cm 7

Product Code: CAS0015
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Weight: 4.00kg

Price: 178.00‎€
VAT (just Italy): 39.16‎€

Rising and maturing take time and the Nature gives its best only if we allow her to work in a kindred environment, without plastics or synthetic materials. The special treatments to which we subject our products allow you to continue to benefit from the incomparable qualities of breathability, hygroscopicity and naturalness of the wood, remaining in compliance with the regulations concerning equipment in contact with food. In this specific section you will find our models of boxes and boards for dough leavening, but they are also excellent for the maturing process of cheeses, cold cuts and at any time a long contact with a food that requires rest time is required to express itself at its best.

WOOD: A renewable source whose breathability and hygroscopicy elect it as the best raw material.
Our treatments makes our products suitable to food contact. All our products has gained the MOCA compliant.

FEATURES: Wooden case for leavening bread with sides - reinforced at the corners.


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