Automatic pastry work table

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Automatic pastry work table
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The automatic pastry work table was designed to improve efficiency and precision in your pastry work. With advanced features and intuitive control, this table is the ideal choice for high-end solutions in your production.

Features and functions of the automatic pastry working table

  • Dough calibrator with automatic flour duster.
  • Humidifier.
  • Pneumatic volumetric dosing machine with valves for suction control and product dosing.
  • Possibility of using very dense products with large particles.
  • Electric or pneumatic guillotine with the possibility of positioning on any point of the table.
  • Clippings recovery device.
  • Electric dosing machine for creamy, homogenized products, even with medium-sized particles.
  • Electric panning with pan movement for double unloading of products.
  • Programmable product unloading speed and stroke.
  • Touch-screen control panel for belt speed control, dosing machine, guillotine and auxiliary accessories.
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