Automatic volumetric dough divider

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Automatic volumetric dough divider

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The volumetric divider with depression system is ideal for processing soft and medium-consistency pasta, with water percentages above 55%. This bread making machine treats the dough naturally, avoiding mishandling or overheating it.

Used widely in the baking sector and in the confectionery industry, it is perfect for the production of pizza bases and piadinas. Built in different models, the divider offers a wide range of sizes, adapting to different production needs. On our site, you can also add the kit dedicated to soft doughs.

The variation of the production speed and the adjustment of the weights are easily managed via electrical controls and frequency variators, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and precision.

Characteristics of the volumetric divider machine

  • Stainless steel rotary cylinder/drum
  • 50 lt stainless steel conical hopper
  • Electronic speed regulation
  • Electronic weight adjustment
  • Electronic piece counter
  • Power supply 400 volts / 3 ph / 50-60 Hz
  • Machine with stainless steel casing
  • Independent motorized conveyor belt
  • Double adjustment rounding device

The automatic volumetric divider is positioned as a strategic choice also in the context of pizzeria equipment , offering a versatile and efficient solution for dough preparation. Its advanced technology, ideal for working dough with high percentages of water, guarantees the delicate treatment necessary to preserve the quality and characteristics of the pizza dough, ensuring a perfect base every time.

The ability to adapt to different sizes and the ease of adjusting the weights through electrical controls make this machine extremely flexible, capable of satisfying the specific production needs of pizzerias of any size. The addition of the soft dough kit further amplifies its applicability, making it an indispensable piece of equipment for those seeking to optimize production processes without compromising the artisanal quality of the pizzas served.

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