Commercial baguette maker

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Commercial baguette maker
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Model Roller diameter (mm) Dimensions cm Size gr Engine (kW) Voltage
Baguette maker 80 L99xD78xH76 cm From 35g to 1000g 0.75 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T

The baguette moulder machine, also known as baguette maker, is an example of excellence in the field of bread making equipment. This machine stands out for its MAN-MACHINE dialogue device, which integrates several advanced functions for an optimal user experience.

It represents the ideal choice for those seeking efficiency, safety, and design in the baguette production process, ensuring high-quality results.

Advanced features of the baguette moulder machine

  • Alarm signaling for greater safety.
  • Machine speed adjustable from 50 to 100% via inverter.
  • Display of the rolling thickness.
  • Display of the length of the finished product.

Ergonomics and ease of use of the baguette maker

The modern and captivating design makes the Baguette maker a stylistic point of reference for future productions in the sector. Furthermore, the machine can be closed in the rest position, becoming less bulky and limiting the visual impact.

The front layout of the controls allows you to position the machine close to other equipment or walls, optimizing space. It is important not to combine it with ovens. The design of the baguette moulder facilitates cleaning operations, with adjustable belts and calibrating cylinders.

High quality materials for french baguette bread maker

  • Hard, non-stick acetal resin rollers, ideal for intensive use and for laminating very hard dough.
  • Non-toxic resin certified for food use.
  • Arnite scrapers, non-stick plastic material, easily removable for daily cleaning without tools.
  • Synthetic winding belts compliant with European and American standards for food use, mounted on removable and easily dismantled frames.
  • Stainless steel structure, with all parts in contact with the product non-toxic.
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