Bowl lifter for planetary mixer

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Bowl lifter for planetary mixer
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Model LIFT
Tank capacity L 40 - 60 - 80 - 100 - 120
Height mm H 2900
Dumping height mm B 2100
Depth mm C 1700
Depth mm E 900
Power Kw 1
Weight kg 250
Voltage 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T

The bowl lifter for professional mixers represents a fundamental component in work environments such as bakery, pastry and gastronomy laboratories, where moving and lifting the mixer bowls are daily activities. This tool has been specifically designed to improve efficiency and safety in transferring the contents of the tanks onto work tables or for unloading into storage hoppers. Adding a planetary bowl lift to your laboratory or industrial kitchen can significantly improve workflow efficiency, reduce physical strain, and increase overall safety when handling large quantities of dough or other products.

Main features of the planetary bowl lift:

  • Quality materials : made of painted steel and aluminium, it guarantees resistance and durability. Also available in stainless steel on request, to meet specific hygiene and corrosion resistance needs.
  • Versatility of use : ideal for professional environments such as bakeries, pastry shops and gastronomy laboratories. Facilitates the transfer of doughs and other preparations from a mixing tank to work surfaces or storage systems.
  • Integrated safety : equipped with protections and safety devices that guarantee safe and risk-free use, reducing the risk of accidents during the movement of heavy tanks to a minimum.
  • Ease of use and handling : designed to be intuitive and easy to manoeuvre, making lifting and transport operations simpler and less tiring.
  • Customization on request : possibility of production in stainless steel on request , offering an option more suitable for specific working environments and hygiene standards.
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