Certified wooden proofing board for bread

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Measures: 198x31xh1.8cm


Certified wooden proofing board for bread

Combination: Nobody / 198x31xh1.8cm

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The proofing and seasoning of bread requires time and optimal conditions. Our philosophy is to allow nature to express itself at its best, working in an environment without the use of plastics or synthetic materials. Our products, subjected to special treatments, maintain the unique qualities of wood such as breathability, hygroscopicity and naturalness, respecting the regulations for equipment in contact with food.

Why choose our proofing boards

Discover our models wooden proofing board for bread. These tools are not only ideal for leavening bread, but also for maturing cheeses and cured meats, or for any food that requires a long rest period to best express its qualities.

Wood is a living and renewable material, whose qualities of hygroscopicity and air permeability are fundamental for an unparalleled creation. Thanks to our MOCA CERTIFIED treatments, you will be able to enjoy products that combine hygiene and tradition, essential in the bread leavening process.

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