Dispenser for Cold Creams and Sorbets, SPM Mod. Nina

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Tank capacity: 2L


Dispenser for Cold Creams and Sorbets, SPM Mod. Nina

Combination: 2L

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Model NINA 2L NINA 2+2L SP 5L SP 5+5L
Basin 1 2 1 2
Tank capacity (finished product) lit. 2 2+2 5 5+5
Cooling system Air Air Air Air
Keyboard LED electronics LED electronics Push button mechanism Push button mechanism
Maintenance mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Refrigerant gas R 134 a R 134 a/Propane R 404 a R 404 a
Dimensions cm L13xP37.5xH45.5 L28,1xP39,1xH49,8 L26.2xP42.7xH61.2 W44.7xD43.8xH61.2
Net Weight kg 15 26 28 48
Standard voltage 230/50V/Hz 230/50V/Hz 230/50V/Hz 230/50V/Hz
Watt absorption 270 500 350 500

The NINA and BKSP professional dispensers are the ideal solution for dispensing cold creams, sorbets and other creamy specialties. The NINA sorbet and cold cream machine is available in two versions: one with a 2-litre tank and the other with two 2-litre tanks each. Its compact and lightweight size makes it a revolutionary choice for any business, offering the ability to satisfy customer tastes with an unprecedented selection of cold delicacies.

On the other hand, the BKSP countertop dispensing machine is available in two versions: one with a 5-liter tank and the other with two tanks of 5 liters each. BKSP stands out for the perfect consistency of the products dispensed and its elegant design with stainless steel and plastic finishes available in white or black. Easy to clean and use, all components can be disassembled without the need for tools.

Features and functions of the NINA and BKSP sorbet and cold cream machines

Discover all the advantages of cold cream and sorbet dispensers below.

NINA sorbet and cold cream machine (2L / 2L+2L)

  • Ideal for operators who have limited space available and smaller sales volumes.
  • Also perfect for use during the low season when there is reduced demand for cold products (e.g. from September to March).
  • NINA is in fact a registered model and therefore inimitable, as well as indispensable.
  • Very light, with plastic frame and stainless steel sides with 2 liter capacity tank.
  • The white colour, combined with the transparencies of the tub and lid, together with the steel sides, make NINA a small design object.

BKSP sorbet and cold cream machine (5L / 5L+5L)

  • Available in the one, two or three tank version.
  • It allows you to produce a single or more products at the same time.
    HACCP certified.
  • It works with powdered preparations based on water or milk, or with ready-made mixes in briks to be poured directly into the tub.
  • For large quantity orders the machine can be customized with customer graphics and ad hoc projects can be developed in collaboration with the department.
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