Electric fixed deck bakery oven

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Electric fixed deck bakery oven
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Our fixed deck electric oven is a product that combines Italian design with latest generation technology, guaranteeing the highest quality of materials.

This commercial bakery oven is the result of an accurate study on the shape and distribution of the resistances, on the composition of the floors, on the type of insulation, on the power control systems and on the optimization of thermal inertia. Thanks to these innovations, we have managed to drastically reduce energy consumption, reaching values ​​below 1.8 kW/m², well below the market average.

Why choose a fixed deck electric oven for bread

  • Digital control panels (1 per room), LCD display and LED display, Bi-temperature control with 2 independent temperatures (top/floor), 30 storable programs.
  • Consumption reduction system with static relays.
  • Weekly ignition programmer.
  • Special steamers with fast recovery times, anti-oxidation internal components and fittings.
  • Thick concrete agglomerate base.
  • Oven with no-touch door opening/closing system, doors with central handles, thick tempered glass doors.
  • Stainless steel external panels.
  • Frontally extractable resistors.
  • Enhanced resistance in the mouth.
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