Electric and gas tabletop fryer for pastry

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Power supply and tank litres: Electric 21L 6.8KW
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Electric and gas tabletop fryer for pastry

Combination: Electric 21L 6.8KW / Nobody

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Model Dimensions mm Vol. m3/Weight kg Gas kW / Power kW Capacity Lt. Diet
FE14 L700xP580xH250 0.23/31 6.8 21 400-3N/50-60hz
FE14 L700xP580xH250 0.23/31 9 21 400-3N/50-60hz
FE15 L1050xP580xH250 0.32/40 10 35 400-3N/50-60hz
MFG1800 L700xP580xH250h 0.24/48 12 18 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T

The table-top pastry fryer is available with gas or electric power.

Features of the countertop pastry fryer

  • Tanks completely made of steel.
  • The rounded corners and printed bottom make cleaning extremely simple.
  • Oil management is highly efficient thanks to the chrome-plated cast brass drain tap , which allows you to easily empty the oil into the collection tray complete with internal filter.
  • Heat sources protected by chrome mesh and temperature control bulbs protected from accidental impacts.
  • Adjustable thermostat up to 190°C and a fixed calibration safety thermostat ( 230°C ) to prevent accidental overheating.
  • The resistors are equipped with a rotation device that allows them to be lifted.
  • Electronic temperature control with programmed and gradual intermittency.

On Bakeit you have the possibility of accessorizing your pastry fryer with an open stainless steel base on legs. Choose the fryer that best suits your needs!

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