Fixed bowl spiral mixer mod. Top from 60kg to 250kg

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Dough capacity: 60Kg


Fixed bowl spiral mixer mod. Top from 60kg to 250kg

Combination: 60Kg

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Model 60 kg 80 kg 120 kg 160 kg 200 kg 250 kg
Dough capacity (Kg) Min Max 4/60 5/80 8/120 10/160 10/200 12/250
Flour capacity (Kg) 36 50 75 100 125 150
Tank volume (Lt) 117 131 188 266 306 378
Spiral motor power (Kw) 2.06/3.7 2.06/4.8 2.06/5.2 2.06/5.2 2.06/5.2 2.06/5.2
Bowl motor power (Kw) 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55
Dimensions (mm) W1126xD698xH1385 W1126xD698xH1385 L1251xP779xH1502 W1497xD879xH1582 L1552xP940xH1582 L1650xP1035xH1612
Weight kg) 345 350 502 695 705 755

The Mod. Top spiral mixer with fixed bowl is the ideal choice for artisan bakers who wish to work with well-hydrated doughs (hydration above 55% with European flour). This line combines an attractive design with high quality materials, ensuring reliability and excellent performance.

Its sturdy body completely in painted steel, the bowl, the spiral and the column in stainless steel, together with the transmission via V-belts, make this commercial dough mixer a reliable and resistant product. The control panel of the commercial spiral mixer is equipped with an electromechanical timer that allows you to work in three different modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic, ensuring maximum operational flexibility.

Unique features of the spiral kneading machine with fixed bowl Mod. Top

  • Models with variable dough capacity: 80kg, 120kg, 160kg, 200kg, 250kg
  • Mobile bath guard in transparent shockproof PMMA, possibility of requesting another type of guard by contacting us
  • Dual motors for powerful performance
  • Two speeds on the spiral for optimal versatility
  • Possibility of reversing the bowl in first speed
  • Simplified dough extraction with the pulse bowl rotation button
  • Sturdy painted steel shell for durability
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral and column for maximum hygiene
  • Control panel with double electromechanical timer (standard)
  • Also suitable for small quantity doughs
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