Commercial pasteurizer and batch freezer for ice cream

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Hourly production: 25Kg
Commercial pasteurizer and batch freezer for ice cream

Combination: 25Kg

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Model 25 kg 35 kg 45 kg 60 kg
Diet Three-phase Three-phase Three-phase Three-phase
Condensation Water/Air Water/Air Waterfall Waterfall
Hourly production (Kg) 25 35 45 60
Typology From floor From floor From floor From floor
Charge per cycle 2-4 kg 2-6 kg 2.5-8 kg 3-10 kg
Voltage 400V/50Hz/3+N 400V/50Hz/3+N 400V/50Hz/3+N 400V/50Hz/3+N
Electrical power (kW) 6 9 11 12
Width (cm) 140 55 60 60
Height (cm) 44 138 138 138
Depth (cm) 85 96 103 103
Net weight (kg) 240 323 362 375

Ice cream combo machines are a versatile option for producing a wide range of sweet treats. These multifunctional machines allow you to create ice cream, sorbet, granitas, custards, mousses, puddings and much more, all with a single machine. With pasteurization and freezing functions, these ice cream machines are ideal for optimizing the production process.

The pasteurizer offers three cooking programs, including an automatic cycle and a low-temperature treatment for chocolate . The batch freezer, on the other hand, offers automatic and semi-automatic cycles to achieve the desired consistency. Thanks to IES electronics, these machines guarantee precision and efficiency in the production of delicious ice cream and sweet products.

At Bakeit, you will find the perfect solution for your ice cream making needs. We offer a range of combined ice cream machines with hourly capacities of 25kg, 35kg, 45kg and 60kg . Our selection allows you to choose the capacity that best suits your needs, guaranteeing maximum versatility and quality in the production of your ice cream products.

Features of the combined pasteurizer and batch freezer for ice cream

  • Three cooking programs: automatic cycle at 85°C; semi-automatic cycle with selection of T° between 30°C and 105°C; low temperature chocolate treatment.
  • Automatic maintenance of the T° at the end of the cycle.
  • Glycol bain-marie system: the cooking temperature of the product can reach 105°C without altering its organoleptic characteristics.
  • “Delicate products” function with adjustment of the temperature of the bain-marie fluid below 100°C.
  • Extraction/transfer tap: very large for dense products; with rotation for extraction without engaging the freezing cylinder; completely removable.
  • Monobloc jar and self-locking stirrer in steel with movable scraping blades on the walls and bottom of the tank.
  • T° control via probe in direct contact with the product.
  • The IES electronics eliminates the phenomenon of thermal inertia through a patented system that allows you to work with extreme precision at the desired temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Features of the pasteurizer of the combined ice cream machine

  • Two automatic freezing cycles: STANDARD which identifies the optimal consistency level based on the type and quantity of mixture introduced and "PLUS" for higher consistency levels.
  • Two semi-automatic freezing cycles: with programming of the consistency level or with programming of the processing time.
  • Granita cycle with consistency level programming and continuous stirring.
  • Granita and cream cooling cycle with processing time programming and cyclical stirring.
  • Automatic maintenance of consistency at the end of the cycle.
  • High efficiency direct expansion freezing cylinder and steel stirrer with movable scraping shoes.
  • The IES electronics introduces a new consistency acquisition system which further increases precision in different operating conditions.
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