bakery glaze spraying machine

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bakery glaze spraying machine
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Length 28cm
Length 32cm
Total height 38cm
Machine weight 32kg
Shell material Stainless steel
Handles to facilitate handling Yes
Power 2.1 kW
Voltage 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T

What is the gelatine spraying machine for and how does it work

The gelatine spraying machine is ideal for pastry shops, bakeries and food industries that wish to speed up the time required to cover their products with gelatine. Gelatin is used in the food sector due to its preservation qualities, in fact, if applied to a product, it creates a protective layer that isolates it from the outside and therefore prevents oxidation. In addition to having an antioxidant effect, a fruit pastry or cake sprinkled with gelatin becomes bright and shiny, more appetizing, the gelatin has a fixing action and the product lasts longer over time. Minijel sucks the gelatin directly from an external container, therefore there are no capacity limits, it heats it and keeps it at temperature up to the airbrush thanks to a heated tube. Finally, the gelatin is sprayed using the highest quality stainless steel airbrush.

Features of the glaze sprayer machine for pastry

Panel with visible controls:

  • No. 2 temperature regulators
  • Nr. 2 pressure regulators

Max. pressure 3.5 bar:

  • No. 1 pressure gauge
  • Nr. 1 high quality stainless steel airbrush
  • Nr. 1 Thermal safety tablet

Product handling system

  • Nr. 1 plastic pump for food products
  • Nr. 1 Compressor
  • Nr. 1 suction hose
  • Nr. 1 Heated delivery tube

Heating system

  • Nr. 1 internal boiler
  • Nr. 1 Heated hose
  • Heating adjustable from 0° to 90°
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